Vancouver Island

Monthly Marketing Services

Are you a small to medium sized business with a budget a little to small for a marketing manager? Well, we have designed a way to get you a marketing manager with over a decade in experience in your location for less than the price of a minimum wage employee working part time.

Monthly Marketing Services

We have 3 levels of monthly marketing services.

Level 1: Get Online

Get Online will do precisely that, we will get you online. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) may be the most important advertising method we have. Your customers are searching for the solutions you offer, are you there? You need to be. Right up next to SEM in importance is word of mouth, and in today’s day and age that is social media. Facebook has over 1.6 billion users, and Instagram has over 1 billion. Your audience is there ready to see what you have to offer. Let’s get you in front of them! Prices starting at $499!

Level 2: Get Competitive

Get Competitive uses everything in the previous service and offers a new website with search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing. Your website is your store front and it says a lot about who you are. And most importantly, a website must be user friendly or customers will find a competitors that is. We offer a new site that is SEO and consumer friendly so your customers are impressed when they find you. Once those customers become yours, utilize them – email marketing keeps existing customers coming back for more and off your competitors websites!

Level 3: Get It All

Get It All comes with all the other monthly services combined with new branding, print collateral, a 12 month marketing plan and a designated marketing manager. Prices starting at $1499!

Are You A Restaurant?

We currently have a special offer for hospitality companies that have been effected by COVID-19

Check out our restaurant package here.

Scott and his team at Vi Marketing are great to deal with; polite, very knowledgeable, and helped me work through customizing a package that not only did exactly what I needed but was extremely affordable. Cannot recommend them enough!

Tanner Holtman

Owner, The King Within