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Work with a local Vancouver Island marketing specialist that has over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry. They will work with you to develop, implement and perfect the best plan for you. We will develop a marketing program with your specific business needs combined with our years of experience and industry knowledge. Let us catapult you ahead of your competition and into view of your new customers!

All rates are “starting at” and may increase depending on the job size.

Full discription of each service descibed below!

Social Media Marketing (SMM)


1.5 billion people use Facebook, and 1 billion use Instagram. It is a huge market just waiting to see your advertisements. We target geographically, demographically, and psychographically to make sure the right customers are being reached. What does this mean? For example, we contact those within the right distance of your restaurant, those who are the appropriate age, and those who like to eat your food. This way, your advertising dollars are making the best return on investment.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


91.68% of us Canadians make our searches on Google. That is huge! That means 91.68% of your customers are searching for restaurants, takeout options, lunch specials, and more – all through Google. You should be there to let them know what you have to offer.

Time Targeted Ads


Do you have a lull during certian periods of the day? Slow times like 9 – 11am, 2 – 5pm where you’d prefer to increase your business? We have the solution, time based traffic driving ads that remind people of your great offerings for those slow times!

Takeout & Repeat Business


We want take out orders, especially when our restaurants have to be at half capacity. But, we don’t always want takeout – what about those peak hours when the kitchen is slammed? We have the solution! No, its not a 20% commision to a food app. We create “takeout advertisements” and put them in front of your customers, AND at a designated time which you deem fit.


Once someone has come and gone from your website, we send them little reminders of your business in the form of display advertising. A little “hello, remember us.” This reminds the customer of the great food and fun times they’ve had at your establishment, or it reminds them they wanted to try one of your great meals!

Designated Marketing Manager

Designated Marketing Manager

 You will work with a marketing manager that is dedicated to your business. With a minimum of 10 years experience in hospitality they will help you bring your business to new levels.

New Website


Your website is your online store front. You want it to be pretty, inticing, functional, user friendly, search engine optimized, and of course – full of amazing pictures of your menu! We will do this for you!


Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot

Above, we mentioned your new website would have amazing photos of your menu? Yeah, we will take those for you. Glam shots of your food and drink menu, establishment, and anything else that we can use to promote your restaurant.




$75 in advertising spend your first month, on us! Vi’s own marketing dollars spent through our own campaigns to promote your business!

Online Ordering System


Have your customers order through your website! Maximize revenues by streamlining your ordering process. Orders come directly to your computer or right through to the kitchen on a printer.


Have your menu posted on Facebook so your customers can order right from your page! Easy and convenient for them, and just as streamlined as your website orders.


Get your own personalized app through Android or IOS. Customers will have you right on their phone to place orders with you! This is an additional, one-time fee of $799.


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